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Our client is a conservationist who wanted to turn their mono-culture lawn into a wildflower meadow. The property is in the heart of Chelsea and is a great example of how gardens can be both elegant and beneficial in an urban setting.  


Wildflower turf is a great way to bring instant diversity to your garden and can be used in both small or large areas. The results are always fantastic producing a flowering meadow within the first year of laying.  We are proud to be accredited partners of The Wildflower Turf Co. who are considered to be the UK market leaders in wildflower turf.  


Disclaimer - we don't usually use sheep to help us carry out our autumn cut backs........


To prepare the site we used a turf cutter to lift the existing lawn turf and then rotovated the ground.  The Wildflower turf is then laid onto the prepared surface and watered regularly for the first month.  This turf was laid early November 2022.


The meadow in May 2023.  


Wildflower turf is very easy to look after but does require some maintenance to ensure that dominant species do not take over the meadow.  In most cases the only maintenance required is a hard cut back around October to take the sward right back to ground.  This process allows light to reach to soil and encourages germination of a wider range of species. Sheep are helpful, but not required.

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