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Family garden - Twickenham

We carried out a complete redesign and installation in this family garden in Twickenham to transform the garden from a stone and slate heavy space into a warm, lush garden for entertaining and family life. 

The light in this garden is constantly changing due to its aspect, so we designed the area to make the most of the sunny areas at different times of day. We replaced the shed with a shed of a different shape and size to be able to make better use of the space at the bottom of the garden.  This allowed us to create a new seating area and make the most of the beautiful wall at the back of the property. We reshaped the existing patio area near the house by sourcing reclaimed York stone to extend in certain areas.  This approach helped contribute to the sustainability of the garden whilst retaining an authentic feel in the materials used. 

When planting, we made small adjustments to an existing hedge to create an archway leading to the shed and we introduced a new yew hedge, three new trees and perennial plants to the beds. 

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