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Accessible garden - Twickenham

Our client contacted us because of a need to transform their garden from a space that was out of control and unmanageable to one that they could easily keep on top of maintenance wise. They were also very keen on creating a wildlife garden so this was a large part of the brief.  The garden has lots of different aspects in a relatively small space and a gorgeous 12 foot Georgian wall which creates a shady passage from the entrance of the garden.  We had limited sunny space and lots of shade and a very large and beautiful Magnolia tree to work around.  

We designed the garden using bespoke raised beds made from Cor-Ten steel.  L shaped planters were specified for the patio to create a dining area and separate this space from the rest of the garden. Circular  and oval planters in different sizes and heights were created for the shady walk to ensure that the planting was contained to the raised beds and did not spread onto the path. This approach also allows any weeds on the ground to be identified quickly and removed without getting out of control.    The height of the planters were designed to create beds that are easily gardened by sitting on a chair, ensuring that our client is able to tend the garden comfortably and safely. 

In addition to the circular planters, we added a paved path for safety and tidied the bins in a bin store. This was painted to compliment the shed door.  We changed the bed shape at the back of the garden and took the opportunity to create a wildlife wall using perforated bricks for solitary bee housing.  By reducing the bed at a the back we gained room for a wildlife pond and to further enhance the area we added Wildflower turf to encourage insects and moths. Flowering perennials in the L beds provide a lovely 'border' to the eating area. 

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