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Be Wilder

All our gardens have an element of Wild.  As more and more research is done it is becoming increasing clear the importance of providing wildlife with healthy and relevant habitats. The plants that support insect populations are also vital to reducing air pollution. As our climate continues to change, it is so important that we act as caretakers for the planet we live on.


One way we can do this in an urban environment is to purposefully design our personal spaces with the view to providing as much opportunity for Bio- diversty as possible.   

Did you know that all the gardens in the UK combine to create an area bigger than all of the country's nature reserves combined? Individual gardens may be small but they create important green links between urban nature reserves and the wider countryside, forming vital wildlife corridors. *ref 


This is hugely important and gives us a great opportunity to make a difference to the environmental health of where we live.  At Wild Thomas we want to encourage everyone with outdoor spaces to contribute to supporting bio - diversity, so we design every garden we work on with elements of wilding to ensure that even the smallest garden can contribute to this very important cause.

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