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Jake and Karen have always worked in creative industries. They have been partners for nearly 20 years and have two daughters together.


Over 5 years ago Jake gave up a career in photography to work as a landscape gardener. What started as a means to an end has turned into a full blown passion. Jake studied hard and became an RHS qualified gardener.  He is extremely passionate about wildlife and the environment and his interest/obsession has taken him on a journey of wilding with a view to give back to the earth through gardening. As Jake once said to his mum when he was 3 or 4 while looking at ants on his back doorstep, "Look Mum, that's nature". 

Karen is very creative and super organised. One might be tempted to think that these qualities do not exist in harmony, but Karen proves that wrong. Her love of design and lists is a winning combination. Karen has spent years as a working artist painting flowers and gardens. During this time her love of colour and composition of all things botanical has taken root (pun intended) and she has become a keen gardener. She loves bees too (but is still a little bit scared of them) 


In 2020, Jake and Karen decided to combine their skills and love of all things garden to create Wild Thomas, a garden company with a difference.  Their ethos for Wild Thomas was born from the idea that gardens can be beautiful, inspiring places that are not only beneficial to our wellbeing and mental health, but are an incredibly important way to give back to the land we live on.    

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