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Patio Garden - Hampton Hill 

Our clients asked us to make their outdoor living area more interesting and wildlife friendly.  With a view to sustainability, we did not want to rip out and replace the existing paving and instead focus on adapting the area to create a more diverse space.   To do this we removed selected pavers in order to create new planting areas.  These were planted then mulched with gravel to help retain moisture in the beds,  but also to add a different texture to the area.  We replaced a wooden patio area with clay pavers which provide warmth, interest and have a much longer shelf life than wooden decking.  Finally we created a raised bed with faux drystone cladding which present opportunities for both habitat and self seeders.  

We planted the garden with a combination of pollinators and self seeders and more drought resistant plants to encourage the garden to evolve and take on a life of its own. 

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