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This couple are keen gardeners, but wanted a helping hand in coming up with a design to repurpose the use of the front half of their garden.  The area had been home to a table tennis table for many years and when their daughter went to university they decided it was time to change the way they used the garden. They asked us to help create a space that could be simultaneously used for growing and contemplation. Bio-diversity was very important to them and this was kept in mind when we were thinking of the overall concept. 

We designed and built a pergola and parterre raised beds to lend the growing garden a more elegant and structured feel.  The pergola serves as a focal point and a way to disguise a recently raised fence and the raised beds allow for vegetable growing.  A mature Sambucus tree was brought in to soften the fence further and provide interesting colour.  Finally we lifted some of the lawn and replaced it with Native Enriched wildflower turf which will add beauty all through the summer and bring more insect species Ito the garden. 


“We wanted to transform the top of our garden. We hoped to include raised beds, our love of wildlife & help with a very shady border. We were vague.


Karen & Jake have a great website, Wild Thomas Gardens with beautiful wildflower studies by Karen, all these appealed to me, I sent off an email with our desires. Karen called the next day and a visit was arranged.  From the moment we all met in our garden it has been an incredibly positive & exciting relationship.


They came back with a plan that worked so well with everything in our garden and it was beautiful as is everything they do.  A stunning pergola was built on site, a parterre of raised beds and a wondrous choice of plants which are now my white border.


The quality of their work is exceptional and their attention to detail is so thoughtful as is the advice they give with passion and humour.


The crowning glory was the laying of the wildflower turf, which happily provides daily interest to us and the bees and wildlife.


I think they got us perfectly, I feel very lucky to have found Wild Thomas Gardens. I highly recommend this wonderful couple. True artists.


                                                                                                   - Stella & Nick

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