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Case Study of a Front Garden Renovation in Teddington

Our client wanted us make her front garden a more joyful place to come home to.

The garden was laid out in a formal parterre-esque style using bricks to define borders around the edge. The borders were full of mature shrubs that had been planted years ago and had got away, blocking all the light from the front room and making the front garden feel over crowded and oppressive.

Garden before clearance

Our proposal was a drastic one. To bring in light we removed all existing shrubs with the exception of a beautifully shaped Ceanothus. All brickwork was also removed to create one large garden bed.

The garden after clearance.

Sustainability is very important to us, and as such we try to reuse or repurpose any materials we can. This garden was covered in pebbles and during the clearance we salvaged as much as we could and stored it for later use.

Salvaged gravel that will be reused in the final garden.

The planting was designed to provide some interest throughout all the seasons of the year. Geraniums and Grasses in spring, Echinacea and Agastache in Summer and beautifully fragrant Osmanthus to welcome you home in Winter. Varying heights throughout the garden add compositional interest to a purple and white planting scheme. Once planting was complete, the salvaged gravel was put back into the garden and spread around the plants to both suppress weeds and to help the soil retain moisture. Stay tuned for an update of the garden as it matures.

Front Garden design
Transformation complete!

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