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Our Training and Accreditation Day with The Wildflower Turf Company

Updated: May 18, 2022

We visited Wildflower Turf Ltd recently to take part in their accreditation training.

The aim of the day was to advance our training further on all aspects of wildflower establishment, installation, maintenance and enhancement. And become fully accredited Installers of their products.

We really enjoyed the day and want to thank the team at Wildflower Turf Ltd for organising an insightful and well-structured course.

Who Are the Wildflower Turf Company?

Founded in 2003, Wildflower Turf have been hugely influential in transforming the concept of growing wildflowers. Their ground-breaking soil-free method of growing means that the wildflower perennials can be lifted in mats just like traditional lawn turf. This makes transport and installation incredibly easy.

Wildflower turf
Wildflower turf being lifted.

An issue with wildflower turf has always been the complex seeding methods, and with Wildflower Turf and their wonderful products, they have made growing wildflowers much more accessible.

By meeting the demand for ready grown wildflower turf, they have created a way of getting it into any garden, and this allows many homeowners to reap the benefits of wildflowers.

They work extensively to produce wildflower mixes that are perfect for every garden, and carefully choose every plant to provide a wide variety of colours from the beginning of Spring to the end of Autumn.

Over the last two year we have been using Wildflower turf in many of our projects and are consistently impressed by the results.

We seek to incorporate wild flowers in most of the gardens that we design as the environmental benefits are huge. Some gardens such as the one below are designed with wildflowers as the central focus, but not all gardens are big enough to dedicate lots of space to meadows.

Wild Flower Meadow, urban wildflower meadow, residential garden with wildflower meadow
A Wild Thomas garden with wildflower meadows as its focus

One way we work Wildflowers into smaller urban gardens is to combine them with perennials. This approach helps us to improve local eco systems whilst retaining the look and feel of a traditional English garden.

Wild flower, front garden, wildflowers in small spaces
Wildflowers mixed with perennials in a sunny front garden. Perennials include Jasmine, Lavender, Crocosmia, Salvia, Geum, Foxgloves, Iris and Tiarella.

Getting Accredited with Wildflower Turf

This accreditation is really important to us. Because we pride ourselves in providing a high level of quality, knowledge, and professionalism, it’s important to have that backed up by qualifications. The fact that Wildflower Turf are endorsed by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, is very reassuring to our customers as well.

The day started bright and early and included a comprehensive introduction to wildflowers including

  • Learning about government targets and regulations for conservation (BREEAM)

  • The ecological environmental and benefits of wildflowers - these include improving areas prone to flooding and pollution absorption.

  • Choosing the correct site for wildflowers - contrary to popular belief, wildflowers will not go any and everywhere and there are many factors including ph levels, soil nutrient content.

  • What Different types of installation methods are available as not every garden presents the same.

  • Maintenance and aftercare to ensure that your meadow performs beautifully year after year.

  • Problem solving for different issues that may arise over the course of your meadows life.

Wildflower seeds
Wildflower seeds

After class based learning we got to tour the turf beds and see different turfs in different stages of growth. It was a great way to learn more about the turf, and a lot of time was spent discussing common issues and the best way to resolve them which we’re sure will be of great benefit to our clients in the future.

A visit to the lab was hugely informative and reassuring to us as gardeners. The Wild Flower Turf Company are big on quality control for all the seeds that go into their mixes and that the company really puts a lot of research into their products. Because of this we know that the products we are recommending and using are very reliable.

We are both hugely passionate about wildflowers and the benefits they can provide, and to be able to learn from the people who are at the forefront of the soilless turf creation was a real treat.

We left the day accredited installers of wildflower turf and we can’t wait to put our newfound skills and knowledge to use in gardens in Teddington and beyond.

Wild Flower turf
Newly seeded beds of Wildflower Turf at the Wildflower Turf company

Red Campion, Wildflower turf
Red campion is one of the first wildflowers to appear early in the season.

The Wild Thomas Garden Team

We are passionate about plants, passionate about wildlife and passionate about design.

We design our gardens to offer optimum outdoor living space combined with a beautiful and healthy habitat for our local wildlife.

We believe that encouraging nature into our outdoor living spaces benefits the quality of our lives and provides much needed ecological support to the creatures that we share our world with.

With our accreditation, we are ready to bring gardens to life throughout London, so if you like what you see and you think this may be of interest to you, get in touch today.

Happy gardening!

Jake and Karen.

Wild Flower turf
Early season wildflower turf growth.

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